Shannon Barghols has been a Godsend. She works closely with Chris, keeping him on track with school applications, scholarship applications and football recruiting letters. Shannon is motivating, I am perceived as nagging. Her vast knowledge of the application process is impressive. She is educated about schools across the country, large and small. Shannon has the ability to find the perfect fit for our high school students. I’m so thankful for her guidance and direction, I have recommended her to several friends.

Jane Clark

I didn’t want college applications to consume my son’s entire senior year. Shannon Barghols helped him to use his time efficiently as she:
• helped him stay motivated with college applications
• selected scholarships that fit his strengths
• encouraged him to look at due dates so he knew what to focus on next
• alleviated the stress of parents wanting the best for a child but also wanting to avoid extra strain on a relationship in the last year before college.

Shawna Kugler