Scout seeks to discover, collect and share resources that are tailored specifically to your family’s needs. The ultimate purpose is to help students and parents find and fund the ideal college experience. As your trusted partner, my role has three elements:

(1) To help identify projects and local programs that will enable students to develop and highlight their strengths and passions,

(2) To help students and parents navigate the process to find and attend a college that is an intellectual, social, environmental, geographic and career-driven fit for the student, and

(3) To help students and parents pursue the scholarship funds necessary to make your college choice financially feasible.

I view this journey as a partnership. My goal is to join forces with students and parents to navigate the path to the ideal college experience, and then to assist you in gathering the funds that make it a reality. The sooner we can start working together, the better chance we have of achieving your goals. The road to college can follow a variety of paths. Check out my PATHWAYS tab to determine which will work best for you.

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