Scout helps you navigate the entire college search and funding process. Your family receives personalized attention with a roadmap developed specifically for your student. A four-year plan results in a comprehensive search of enhancement opportunities, colleges and universities, financial aid and applicable scholarships. However, it is never too late to receive personal guidance from a certified professional. Please explore the PATHWAYS options outlined below and contact me for a free in-person consultation to discuss what might work best for you and your family..

8th and 9th GRADE
Getting Started on the Right Foot
We will look at college and life goals and then build academic, personal development, and extracurricular strategies to help you pursue those goals. We will also identify scholarships, internships, and summer programs that you should be pursuing as a high school freshman.

Refresh, Regroup, Refocus
Life is fluid! Growth opens new doors. Things change. And situations evolve. Let’s take another look at your college and life goals, and make any necessary modifications to our strategies for pursuing those goals. Let’s refine those academic and extracurricular strategies, target PSAT, SAT and ACT prep and test dates, and enhance those personal development opportunities. Let’s update plans for scholarship applications, internships, and summer programs.  

The BIG Push
This pivotal year is key to presenting a complete profile for potential college admissions, specialized programs (honors, leadership, sports, music, etc.), financial packages, and coveted scholarships. Let’s ensure that you are gathering the key components (academics, standardized tests, extracurricular activities, special interests, letter of recommendations) you need to present your best narrative. We will continue to hone your interests and begin in earnest the search for colleges that meet your ideals. If you are considering a GAP year, we will explore those options as well.

It’s Go Time!
Managing the mayhem will be the key to your success. We will work intentionally to create your ‘package’, armed with a professional resume, key essays, solid references and other necessary items. We will develop strategic plans to ensure that you meet deadlines for both college and scholarship applications. We’ll use a variety of comparison tools to help you make the best decisions. And then we will turn our attention to transition strategies to aid in a successful college launch.

You and your student may have the college portion figured out, but you still need help finding a way to fund your ideal experience. You could spend countless hours looking for scholarships on a variety of websites and come away feeling overwhelmed. Instead, we will help you identify and apply for scholarships geared specifically for your student’s experience, interests, and strengths.  

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