NEWSLETTER – Edition 57

BECAUSE HIGH SCHOOL COUNSELORS CAN’T DO IT ALL. 🔹 On average, there is one high school college counselor for every 476 students.  🔹 On average, the total time spent on college counseling with each high school student is 38 minutes. 🔹 Six out of ten students receive no college counseling in their schools.  🔹 And as I… Continue reading NEWSLETTER – Edition 57

Scout-ing Report

Scout-ing Report: SAT BUZZ

WHAT'S ALL THE BUZZ ABOUT THE SAT? Test-optional policies continue to be the trend in college admissions but in reality, standardized test scores are still used in the process. In many cases, your ACT/SAT score may be used to influence merit aid and class placement. This week, College Board announced changes to the SAT in… Continue reading Scout-ing Report: SAT BUZZ