NEWSLETTER – 4/11/2023


As we close out the Class of 2023 admissions, now is a great time to focus on a few reminders for the Class of 2024: 

Grades Matter – Especially if you are taking advantage of ‘test-optional’ policies. Grades are a key factor that colleges use to evaluate academic readiness when standardized test scores aren’t available.

Don’t Forget About Rigor – Senior year is not the time to slack off. Rigor goes hand in hand with grades when colleges are determining which students will be successful at their institutions.

Show Some Love – Across the board, colleges are seeing increases in the number of applications. They know each student is applying to more colleges in an effort to make sure he/she gets accepted somewhere. Colleges are left with the task of deciding who really wants to come to their particular school. That’s where ‘demonstrated interest’ comes into play: attend local events, join email lists, do a virtual visit, take a campus tour, follow on social media.

Be Authentic – You Do You. Unapologetically. And don’t be shy about showing what is important to you. Remember: actions speak louder than words.

Take Some Initiative – Don’t wait for opportunities to come to you. Go out and get what you want. Meet people. Join clubs. Engage in community service. Have an impact on the world around you.

Focusing on Grades. Calculating Rigor. Demonstrating Interest. Developing Authenticity. Showing Initiative.  It’s never too early to start! If you’re interested in learning more about how I can help your student find and fund his/her ideal college experience, reach out using any of the buttons below or give me a call at 405-906-7044!

Thanks for joining me!

JUNIORS: Over here at Scout, our Juniors are moving right along with the college admissions process! We’re exploring colleges & careers, gathering info for the Common App, and brainstorming essays. Want to join us? Use the button below to connect with me and let’s make a plan to get started as soon as possible!

FRESHMEN & SOPHOMORES: Want to explore how you can make the most of your high school experience? I would love to help! Sign-up for a Road Map Session and get a personalized plan cultivated to help you shine. We’ll look at academics, activities, community impact, and much more! Click the button below if you’re ready to get started. 

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