NEWSLETTER – 3/28/2023


An important  component in the college admissions process: The High School Resume. Academics. Honors. Activities. Community Service. Standardized tests. Work Experience. Hobbies. How much of each? How many of each? If you have more of one, is it okay to have less of another? And when do you start?

Building a high school resume is a big part of what we do at Scout College Consulting. No two resumes are alike. And there is no magic formula. Each student is unique, and our process celebrates that! Let me help your student build an individualized resume that lets him/her shine. If you’re interested in learning more, reach out using any of the buttons below or give me a call at 405-906-7044!

JUNIORS: Over here at Scout, our Juniors are moving right along with the college admissions process! We’re exploring colleges & careers, gathering info for the Common App, and brainstorming essays. Want to join us? Use the button below to connect with me and let’s make a plan to get started as soon as possible!

FRESHMEN & SOPHOMORES: Want to explore how you can make the most of your high school experience? I would love to help! Sign-up for a Road Map Session and get a personalized plan cultivated to help you shine. We’ll look at academics, activities, community impact, and much more! Click the button below if you’re ready to get started. 

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