NEWSLETTER – Edition 96

Dia Daoibh from Ireland

Greetings from Cork, Ireland! My travel abroad continues this week as I explore the university and study abroad options available in Ireland. And as I prepped for this adventure, I discovered that Ireland has a direct connection to the state of Oklahoma:

“The Choctaw Nation and the people of Ireland have a long and storied history. Although separated by thousands of miles, these two nations are forever entwined because of a small act of kindness nearly two centuries ago.

In March of 1847, Choctaw people met to raise money for the starving poor in Ireland. The Choctaw people had received word about the dire situation of the Great Potato Famine and could not stand by and not help. The Choctaws pooled together $170, which was sent first to the Memphis Irish Relief Committee, then to the General Irish Relief Committee of the City of New York. The $170 would be worth around $5,000 in today’s economy.

More than a million people died in Ireland during the Great Potato Famine when their potato crops were decimated. Another two million left the country when the potato crops failed in successive years. Potatoes served as a primary food source for almost half the population but primarily the rural poor. The gift from the Choctaw Nation directly impacted the survival of many in Ireland.

The gift to the Irish people was significant, considering the Choctaw people had recently been forced to walk the Trail of Tears between 1831 and 1833. The Irish people have never forgotten the kindness of the Choctaws in 1847.”*

In 2017, a sculpture – known as ‘Kindred Spirits’ – commemorating the Choctaws and their gift was dedicated in a beautiful park in Midleton, Ireland. It’s about 14 miles from my B&B, so I hope to make it by there this week to see the sculpture for myself!

Oklahoma and Ireland – I think it’s a fun little connection. Plus, it’s such a great example of the connections I try to make for you as I focus on helping you find and fund your ideal college experience. You never know what I might find! To learn more about my services, reach out by email ( or phone (405-906-7044)!

Thanks for joining me! 


*KINDRED SPIRITS: To learn more about the sculpture and the connection between Choctaw Nation and the people of Ireland, use the button below. 


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