NEWSLETTER – Edition 91


Oklahoma City Community Foundation (OCCF) is the hub for almost 180 scholarships awarded within the state of Oklahoma. Last year, OCCF awarded $3.3 million to 800 students from across the state. The scholarship portal opened on October 1st. And the individual scholarship deadlines vary, so plan to start the process soon!

The first step is to complete the General Application which is basically a Student Profile. Once that’s done, you can begin searching the OCCF database for scholarships that meet your profile. 

Ready to dive in? Make sure to have these items handy:

🔹 School transcript – in PDF format.  

🔹 Résumé or a list of your high school activities.  

🔹 References – names and email addresses of the guidance counselors, teachers and/or administrators who will write recommendations for you.

🔹 Email Account – OCCF recommends using a personal account that you will have access to after graduation. 

🔹 Student Aid Report from FAFSA – in PDF format. This will be necessary if you apply for need-based scholarships.

🔹 Find the OCCF website HERE.     

Scholarships are my favorite part of the college admissions process. No two students are alike. So, of course, the search for scholarships looks different for everyone. In my world, it’s all part of helping you find and fund your ideal college experience. To learn more about how I can help, reach out using any of the buttons below or give me a call at 405-906-7044!

Thanks for joining me! 



SENIORS: Now is the time! Are you ready to list your high school activities while emphasizing your passions? Let me help! I will guide you through the process and keep you focused on the points that are pertinent to your situation. As always, my goal is to help you find and fund the ideal college experience! Use the button below to connect with me and let’s get started today! 

JUNIORS: You still have time to cultivate activities that demonstrate commitment to your passions. Let me help! Let’s explore what items fall under the ‘activity’ category and ensure that you are enhancing and highlighting the activities that make you unique. My help is just a click away!

FRESHMEN & SOPHOMORES: Want to explore how you can make the most of your high school experience? I would love to help! Sign-up for a Road Map Session and get a personalized plan cultivated to help you shine. We’ll look at academics, activities, community impact, and much more! Click the button below if you’re ready to get started. 

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