NEWSLETTER – Edition 73


Whew! My week in Philadelphia at the IECA Spring Conference was exhausting – and exhilarating! Literally, I met with more than 100 admissions advisors representing colleges from coast to coast. New schools (Law School at High Point), new majors (Digital Media & Film at St. Lawrence), new programs (Innovation District at Drexel), new approaches (Experiential Learning at Arizona), new scholarships (Lowe’s). Plus, I went on in-person tours at several Philadelphia-area colleges – including Penn, Villanova, Temple, Drexel, and Bryn Mawr. Now that I’m back home, I sorting through more than 10 lbs. of college brochures (I know the weight because I exceeded Southwest Airlines’ approved luggage allowance and was required to adjust at the last minute!)

I have a few new college favorites – Belmont (a great Nashville alternative for those who get rejected by Vanderbilt), DePaul (for those who have to be in Chicago), and Woodbury (a private alternative that makes California an attractive option.) Plus, I’m armed with lots of new information regarding test-optional trends, Common App updates, FAFSA changes, scholarship searches, experiential learning, and student wellness. If you’re interested in learning more about how I can use all of this information to help your student find and fund his/her ideal college experience, reach out using the button below or give me a call at 405-906-7044!

Thanks for joining me! 


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