NEWSLETTER – Edition 66


Admissions decisions for the Class of 2022 are coming fast and furious. Some students are elated, while others are certainly disappointed. It’s been a particularly brutal year for those students exploring big dreams. Test-optional policies have driven up applications at the nation’s most selective schools. In turn, that skews acceptance rates. Harvard has posted its lowest acceptance rate in history at 3.19%, admitting only 1,214 students out of the 61,220 that applied. Other selective schools – Vanderbilt, Duke, Rice, WashU – are following this trend. At the end of the day, each school has evaluated thousands more applications this year, and yet, they are filling the same number of freshman seats. 

The current mood has me dusting off my bookshelf and returning to the wise words of New York Times columnist, Frank Bruni. In his book, Where You Go is Not Who You’ll Be,” Bruni reminds us all that there are more than 10 worthy colleges in America. He writes about the success of Fortune 500 leaders who have graduated from much lesser known schools than the Ivies. He notes that parents are interested in having their children attend a decent college at a price they can afford.  

Bruni’s book is a helpful reminder that there is more to the college experience than the name of the institution. What your student does in four years at college matters. Opportunities in research, leadership, internships, and in the classroom are combined with discovering oneself, finding a passion, and cultivating relationships that will likely last a lifetime. Ultimately, Bruni’s words are a great reminder that college has almost everything to do with the attitude you bring to it. And it provides yet another perspective that the best approach to the college search is to assess your student’s strengths and find schools that will provide the best fit for success.    

I’m all for dreaming big, but I am also for helping you find and fund an ideal college experience for your student. If you would like some help navigating the college admissions process, I would love to work with you. Take a peek at the SCOUT website to learn more about my approach.

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