NEWSLETTER – Edition 57


🔹 On average, there is one high school college counselor for every 476 students. 

🔹 On average, the total time spent on college counseling with each high school student is 38 minutes.

🔹 Six out of ten students receive no college counseling in their schools. 

🔹 And as I reported in early January, a student spends an average of 29 hours preparing his/her college application and essays. 

Typically, I spend at least 15 hours working one-on-one with students navigating the college admissions process. That includes a variety of self-assessments, exploring college and career options, writing essays, building activities lists, FAFSA, scholarships, interview prep, and so much more. Throughout the entire process, I guide you and your student through every step. It’s a cultivated path, tailored to each student. No two students are alike, and my approach to college admissions reflects that. Take a peek at the SCOUT website to learn more about my approach.

Thanks for joining me! 


SAT BUZZ: College Board announced last week that it is moving away from pencil and paper testing. A digital option is coming soon. Click below to learn more.

ESSAY PROMPTS: Common App has released the 2022-2023 personal essay prompts. Plus, there’s an update on the optional COVID-19 response. Click below to discover the details.

JUNIORS: Are you thinking about college? Let me help with the admissions process! By starting now, you’ll have ample time to add the finishing touches to your résumé, explore lots of college options, and navigate the application process with ease. Click the button below if you would like more details.

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