NEWSLETTER – Edition 54


Last week I reported that according to a 2020 study by Adobe, 29 hours is the average time a student spends preparing his/her college application and essays. The same study reports that a college admissions officer spends an average of 11 minutes looking at each student’s application. 11 minutes. After hours and hours of prep work by your student, an admissions officer spends a mere 11 minutes reviewing the information. 

The reality of 11 minutes is yet another reason why I like to start early. Again, senior year is busy. By meeting with Juniors now, we are able to jumpstart the process and focus on the details that help your student get noticed in an 11-minute review.  Plus, starting early gives us time to be thoughtful and deliberate. Highlighting activities and honors in a specific order and complementing those with key action words are just a couple of the aspects that we start drafting now. Plus, we can look at a wide range of schools and programs. We can strategically plan for scholarships. And ultimately, we can craft an application that helps the student shine. The best part: We can do it all without cramming 29 hours of additional work into the fall semester of senior year! 

If you have a high school junior, I would love the opportunity to work with your family. I realize that no two students are alike, and my approach to college admissions reflects that. I am definitely here to help you through every step of the process! Take a peek at the SCOUT website to learn more about my approach to helping students find and fund their ideal college experiences.

Thanks for joining me! 


JUNIORS: College admissions counselors are prepared to give you an 11-minute review. Are you ready to craft the optimal application that gets you noticed in those 11 minutes? Let me help! Plus – by starting now, you’ll have ample time to add the finishing touches to your résumé, explore lots of college options, and navigate the application process with ease. Click the button below if you would like more details.

EVERYONE: Join the new Facebook group – OKC College Conversations. This group is for OKC area students, parents, college counselors, and test prep professionals to discuss and share information about college. Information may include admissions, specific colleges, financial aid, scholarships, test prep, and other similar topics. Parents and students from anywhere in the OKC Metro are welcome. Public or Private Schools located in OKC, Edmond, Deer Creek, Piedmont, Moore, Midwest City, Jones, Norman, and neighboring towns. Invite your friends and family members Click the button below to join. It’s FREE! 

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