NEWSLETTER – Edition 52


Have you already made your list of resolutions for 2022? Got room for a few suggestions? How about these:

High School Students: 

  • Participate in interesting activities.
  • Secure a leadership role – inside or outside of school.
  • Be passionately involved in an activity that is meaningful to you. 
  • Meet people. Adults and people your age. 
  • Read. Fiction. Non-fiction. Magazines. Newspapers. Just read!


  • Explore the financial aspects of sending your student to college. 
  • Help your student develop the skills he/she will need for college. 
  • Visit colleges as a family.  
  • Join the new Facebook Group: OKC College Conversations

I am excited for the New Year. I have my own list of resolutions aimed at helping students find and fund their ideal college experiences. It’s going to be a fabulous year!


JUNIORS: The road to college admissions is just around the corner. By starting in January, you’ll have ample time to add the finishing touches to your résumé, explore lots of college options, and navigate the application process with ease. Click the button below if you would like more details. 

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