NEWSLETTER – Edition 48

THE FINAL PUSH … getting those college applications done! 

Technically, we’re there. We are at the point of finishing touches. We are moments away from submitting the final college applications. 

Or at least, we should be. Most college applications are due within the first couple of days in January. This week, high school guidance counselors are probably sending out reminders that they will be unavailable during the holiday break to handle last-minute request for transcripts, school reports, and recommendations. That means all the work needs to be done now – in the next couple of weeks. 

In my role as a college admissions consultant, I am here to help you right down to the very last minute. Some students are done applying. Some students have been accepted and are ready to put down a deposit for next fall. And some students are still processing the last of their applications. Truly, no two students are alike. And my approach to college admissions reflects that. I am definitely here to help you manage all of the process! And that is just one of the reasons I am committed to sharing with you each week through my newsletter. Here you’ll find the latest news from colleges, a resource you may have missed, and a glimpse at what I’m doing at SCOUT to help students find and fund their ideal college experiences. Thanks for joining me!   



Last year was a wild ride in college admissions as students navigated test-optional policies and applied in ways not predicted by the experts (such as students applied to more colleges than usual and to colleges much further from their homes.) In an attempt to track these emerging trends earlier, Common App is committed to sharing monthly reports about the current application season as it progresses. The first report was released this week. So far, the trend is that students are already filing more applications, with a larger percentage of that increase going towards public colleges and universities. Find the report HERE


Some high school students are already making summer plans. And for those looking to focus on STEM, you’ll find that such programs are usually pretty competitive. Notable programs to consider include:

·       Iowa SSTP 

·       Notre Dame + Engineering/Making Things better

·       Notre Dame + Global Health

·       Notre Dame + Research Computing

·       Penn Biomedical or Neuroscience Research

·       Rice Aerospace Academy

·       Rose-Hulman Operation Catapult

·       Smith College Science + Engineering Program

·       Stanford Earth Young Investigators

·       Univ of Virginia + Oceanography

·       Wake Forest Bio/Eng Inst

·       Wake Forest Neuroscience Inst

·       Wake Forest Psych Inst

·       Washington Univ — Healthcare Institute

·       Washington Univ — Research Development Course

·       California State COSMOS

·       Stanford SHTEM


FRESHMEN & SOPHOMORES: Need some help navigating the high school journey? I’m here to help you build academic, personal development, and extracurricular strategies in an effort to achieve college and life goals. Plus, this is the perfect time to identify scholarships, internships, and summer programs. My goal is to help you plan for a variety of aspects so that you are positioned to make the most of high school opportunities and then poised to find and fund your ideal college experience. If you want to learn more, use the button below to set-up a no-cost / no-obligation call with me.

JUNIORS: Wondering how to best prepare for the college admissions process? Now is actually the perfect time to start making some key decisions about your college future. I would love to help you focus on the things that matter. Let’s ensure that you take advantage of the opportunities that will enable you to shine next fall. Use the button below to connect with me and let’s make a plan together!              

SENIORS: Need help reaching the finish line with your college applications? Give me a call! My goal is to help you find and fund the ideal college experience! There’s no time like the present. Just click the button below to connect with me and let’s get started today!

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