NEWSLETTER – Edition 34


I just returned from a long weekend in Austin and an in-depth look at The University of Texas. Yes, I know that it’s difficult for diehard Sooners and Cowboys to consider applying to UT. But it seems that every family has someone who wants to break out of the mold and do something different. I thought I would take a closer look at this option and WOW!, I am certainly glad I did.

At first glance, it may seem that it is fairly easy to be accepted to UT. With almost 8500 students in the freshman class, the numbers seem to be in your favor. However, in a deeper dive, you will quickly discover that only 6.4% of the freshman class hails from out-of-state. That acceptance rate rivals that of the Ivy League schools.

UT’s academic reputation and top-tier programs are worth consideration. That’s why I wanted to take a closer look. And sharing what I’ve learned is just one of the ways I use my newsletter. Consider these tidbits:

  • The current admissions model for the most competitive majors at UT is referred to as ‘fit-to-major.’ This includes the schools of Business, Engineering, and Computer Science.
  • With each passing admissions cycle, UT moves towards this ‘fit-to-major’ model across all majors.
  • For ‘fit-to-major’, students are asked to demonstrate how the entirety of their high school career supports their chosen major.
  • UT is not a place to explore majors or careers. UT wants to “accelerate the momentum you’ve started in high school.”

My newsletter is also where you’ll find the latest news from colleges, a resource you may have missed, and a glimpse at what I’m doing at SCOUT to help students find and fund their ideal college experiences. Thanks for joining me! 



An exciting new option for medical students has been introduced by Oklahoma State University. OSU’s College of Osteopathic Medicine at the Cherokee Nation is the country’s first tribally affiliated medical school, designed to graduate new primary care physicians who want to work with rural and underserved patient populations. Both Native and non-Native students are eligible for this program. To learn more, find the article HERE.


How much does college cost? $5k? 10k? Keep guessing! And then read Jessica Dickler’s report for CNBC. She illuminates how college costs are rising and notes that families are vastly underestimating the real cost. Find the article HERE. And don’t hesitate to call me if you need help exploring ways to fund your ideal college experience.


ALL THINGS UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS – AUSTIN: In the last two weeks, I have put a lot of effort into researching The University of Texas – Austin. First, I studied a 21-page Guide to Applying to The University of Texas – Austin tutorial prepared by a peer of mine who has a college consulting practice in Austin. Next, I attended a webinar training specifically addressing UT admissions and the ApplyTexas application. Through UT, I participated in a Live Virtual Session as well as took a Virtual Tour. And then, I traveled to Austin and experienced the UT-Austin campus on a walking tour. 

If UT- Austin is your dream school, I am ready to help you tackle the admissions process. If you want to learn a little more about UT, check out my Explorer Blog HERE

FRESHMEN & SOPHOMORES: There is absolutely no doubt about it. If you want to go to The University of Texas – Austin, you must start now. Your resume needs to show solid academics, extra-curricular activities, standardized tests, community outreach and more. My goal in working with high school freshmen and sophomores is to help students plan for a variety of aspects so that they are positioned to make the most of high school opportunities and then poised to find and fund their ideal college experiences – at any school! If you want to learn more, use the button below and let’s get busy!

JUNIORS: Wondering how to best prepare for the college admissions process? Now is actually the perfect time to start making some key decisions about your college future. I would love to help you focus on the things that matter. Let’s ensure that you take advantage of the opportunities that will enable you to shine next fall. Use the button below to connect with me and let’s make a plan together!             

SENIORS: Need help exploring colleges? Does the Common App process have you stumped? I am here to help! My goal is to help you find and fund the ideal college experience! And my approach is individualized for you – so it’s designed to keep you focused on the aspects that matter to your specific situation. Just click the button below to connect with me and let’s get started today!

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