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The Explorer – Spring Hill College

Disclaimer: A perk of SCOUT-ing for you is the opportunity to visit college campuses. With each tour, I go armed with the basic information you can find online or in any number of college-related guides. As such, there is no reason for me recite average test scores, admission rates, student-to-faculty ratios, or even lists of majors / minors. You can find all that through your own research. My goal is to give you a little nugget (or two) that you might find interesting … interesting enough to give the college a more in-depth look.   


Spring Hill College (SHC) was founded in 1830 by Michael Portier, Mobile’s first Catholic bishop. One of the 28 Jesuit colleges and universities in the United States, Spring Hill College is the oldest college in Alabama and the third oldest Jesuit, Catholic college in the United States. It is also is considered among the most affordable private colleges in the country.


Jesuit – Traditional Jesuit education focuses on more than academics. Specifically, Spring Hill College looks to provide experiences that will develop leadership potential as well as a commitment to serving others. Important note: There is no specific religious affiliation required to attend a Spring Hill or any other Jesuit college.


Campus & Locations – Located in one of Mobile’s most picturesque neighborhoods, Spring Hill’s campus rests on a 381-acre site and is naturally landscaped, featuring huge oak and azalea-lined walkways. Several buildings are listed in the National Register of Historic Places. And the main drive into campus – known as Avenue of the Oaks – is my favorite feature.

Spring Hill College is located in the heart of the Village of Spring Hill, less than twenty minutes from downtown Mobile, Alabama. With an average 218 sunny days per year and average temperatures in the 50s and 60s in February, there is plenty of time to enjoy the beaches of the Alabama Gulf Coast just 30 minutes away. The Gulf Coast is famous for its beautiful white-sand beaches, celebrations, endless outdoor activities and relaxing, friendly atmosphere. With more than 300 years of history and tradition, Mobile offers true southern charm and culture. 


What to Study – SHC has the #1 four-year nursing program in the state of Alabama. The Health Sciences Division is ranked among the top 25 programs in the country. For the SHC 2020 graduates, 100% of those who applied to medical school were accepted. Spring Hill College is honored as a College of Distinction for its Business and Nursing programs. SHC has a 100% certification rate and a 92% placement rate with its Teacher Education program over the last five years. In recent years, the most popular concentrations for Spring Hill College Students have been:

  • Biology
  • Business
  • Education
  • Health Sciences
  • Nursing
  • Psychology

Something New – Starting this Fall, SHC will offer a Computer Science degree. This major will feature four concentrations: Cybersecurity, Computer Science, Data Science, and Computational Sciences. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Employment Projections for 2019-29, Security Analyst jobs are expected to grow by 31.2 percent and Software Developer jobs are expected to grow by 21.5 percent. This makes Computer Science one of the fastest growing and highest paying fields in the United States.


Study Abroad – SHC’s study abroad program is focused in the Italy Center in Bologna, which is considered to be Europe’s oldest college town. The human rights focus of the SHC Italy Center is anchored in academic, travel and immersion experiences emphasizing social (with a focus on migration) and environmental justice. The opportunities in research, service learning, art history & film, and internships are what sets this program apart from others.  

CUE – I am very impressed with the Cohesive Undergraduate Experience (CUE). It’s designed to support the intellectual, spiritual, social, and professional development of students. It involves three projects that are spread throughout the college career. LEAP is a first-year experience that connects all the areas of the college, and introduces the concepts of learning, faith, justice and service for life. CLIMB is an experiential learning opportunity during sophomore and junior years. And REACH is an opportunity for students to reflect and then integrate their experiences inside and outside the classroom by showcasing their work in an ePortfolio.


Center for Free Enterprise – This independent center conducts research, sponsors speakers and offers courses in understanding the free enterprise system and new venture formation. The diversity of its approach makes it a hub of activity on campus. It is open to all of SHC’s academic majors because the Center promotes that there is a growing need in all disciplines for the ability to identify problems, verify their importance, and develop and implement workable solutions. For Business majors, this could be launching a new venture that responsibly meets a previously inadequately served consumer or industrial need. For Science majors, this could be advancing a scientific discovery to better serve humankind. For Social Science majors, this could be defining, creating and implementing a non-profit organization that effectively serves an unmet or poorly met societal need. For Theology majors, this could be identifying a formerly unmet spiritual need and creating and implementing an effective solution within the Church.

Community Service Center – The Foley Center places students at programs where they can serve others and learn about community needs at the same time. Its programs give students a concrete way to help another person, to know a person they might never meet otherwise, and take responsibility for the world they live in. Its work furthers the SHC’s mission to form leaders engaged in learning, faith, justice, and service for life. One exciting program is a year-long Fellowship in Civic Leadership, which is an experiential learning program to help students understand the complex and entrenched nature of poverty in the City of Mobile.


Golf Course – SHC is one of the few colleges in the nation with an 18-hole, award-winning golf course on campus. The athletic program includes both men’s and women’s golf teams playing at the NCAA Division II level. Best of all – SHC offers a free round of golf to visitors and their families!

For me, Spring Hill College is one of the lesser known Jesuit schools. Not really knowing what to expect, I found it quite appealing. I love the southern characteristics of its campus. The academic support and innovative programs make this college extremely attractive. If you would like to discuss how you might best take advantage of the campus offerings at Spring Hills College, please let me know. I can be reached at 405-906-7044 or I’m always available to help you find and fund your ideal college experience!

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