NEWSLETTER – Edition 27


When my kids were younger, I remember reading parenting magazine articles about when children should have the skills to be able to do certain tasks: 5-year-olds can set the table, 6-year-olds can make their beds, 7-year-olds can vacuum, 8-year-olds can take out the trash, 9-year-olds can put away laundry, and so on. As we think about sending our kids to college, we should also find ourselves helping them develop the skills needed for success. High school is the perfect time to develop these skills. Take a minute to consider if your high school student:

  • Has learned methods to cope with test anxiety and stress
  • Can readily apply strategies to stay on task and maintain attention
  • Can get work started and then persist with a challenging assignment
  • Has developed personalized systems to organize materials and work areas
  • Has developed systems to start and complete writing assignments
  • Can break assignments into smaller parts and plan when to do each
  • Possesses self-reflection skills, thus enabling him to take ownership of new habits
  • Can find and use technology that improves her productivity
  • Can study and take tests effectively
  • Has insight about what motivates him, and use that knowledge to be productive
  • Knows how to advocate for herself with instructors/coaches/employers
  • Has strategies in place to plan for life after college

Grouped together, the individual skills of Self-Regulation, Attention, Task Initiation, Organization, Planning & Prioritizing, Time Management, and Cognitive Flexibility are known as Executive Function. And every high school student should have a basic level of aptitude in each skill before going off to college.

In my role as a college admissions consultant, I can help you find resources to support your student now – and when he/she goes off to college. No two students are alike, and my approach to college admissions reflects that. I am definitely here to help! And that is just one of the reasons I am committed to sharing with you each week through my newsletter. Here you’ll find the latest news from colleges, the biggest resource you may have missed, and a glimpse at what I’m doing at SCOUT to help students find and fund their ideal college experiences. Thanks for joining me! 




Executive Function may be a new concept for many. A great place to start is exploring is a series of TED Talks (my favorite!). Find them HERE. You might also try an article from the popular online magazine, Grown & Flown. Read it HERE.


OKLAHOMA STATE UNIVERSITY: This week I had the opportunity to meet with Dillon and Haley – admissions counselors for OSU. Two great tidbits to share: #1 – They have an Office of First Year Success! This could be a great resource for any student needing some help with executive function. #2 – Seniors: You can apply now to OSU. Their admissions portal opened July 1st. If you need any help, just let me know!

SENIORS: ‘Attention’ suddenly becomes your greatest executive function challenge! How do you remain focused on completing the admissions process for your favorite colleges while maintaining your academic demands and enjoying the perks of being a senior? Let me help! As always, my goal is to help you find and fund the ideal college experience! My approach is individualized for your student and designed to keep all of you focused on the aspects that matter to your specific situation. Use the button below to connect with me and let’s get started today!       

JUNIORS: ‘Organization’ is your key executive function for the year! Exploring options, keeping track of which colleges you like and don’t like, organizing ideas for essays, and managing deadlines for key programs and scholarships – you have a lot to organize this year! Let me guide you in the right direction! Use the button below to connect with me and let’s make a plan together!       

FRESHMEN & SOPHOMORES: ‘Planning & Prioritizing’ is the executive function to cultivate as you build academic, personal development, and extracurricular strategies. Ultimately, all of this will help you achieve college and life goals. And I’m here to help! Getting started now allows us to identify scholarships, internships, and summer programs. My goal is to help you plan for a variety of aspects so that your student is positioned to make the most of high school opportunities and then poised to find and fund his/her ideal college experience. If you want to learn more, use the button below to set-up a no-cost / no-obligation call with me.

BOOK OF THE WEEK: Last week, I wrote about Malcolm Gladwell. On Thursday, a friend let me know that Gladwell dropped a new podcast entitled, Lord of the Rankings. It takes a look at the annual college rankings cultivated by US News & World Report. In the end, it is a reminder that YOU – not a random college ranking – determine which college is the right fit. Find the podcast HERE

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