NEWSLETTER – Edition 23


Edition 13 of the Scout newsletter addressed the question, “What Are Colleges Looking for in High School Students?” And just last week, the Scout newsletter looked at the “Top 10 Summer Activities for Rising Seniors.” In particular, these three key points for high school students are on my mind this week:

  • Participate in interesting activities.
  • Leadership inside or outside of school.
  • Passionate involvement in a few activities that are meaningful.

One of the most dynamic aspects of Oklahoma is the wide variety of activities available to high school students in the categories of teen boards and leadership programs. One of the first things I do with my clients is to explore their interests and then attempt to get them plugged into an activity that most closely aligns with those interests. It can be a challenge for the average teen (or parent!) to find local programs and then determine which truly offer valuable experiences for high school students. I am here to help!

And when it comes to activities and authenticity, I hope to lead by example. That’s why I’m excited to announce that I have been asked to serve as an advisor to one of my favorite programs – the Children’s Hospital Foundation Teen Board. I have a heart for children’s hospitals in general. My middle kid spent his fair share of time in a children’s hospital, and our family has always sought ways to connect with their programs because of that. I like this teen board in particular because of the way the previous advisors (and staff) have empowered the members to do great things.

I love being involved and having the opportunity to share my thoughts on local programs with you through my newsletter. Plus, it’s in the newsletter that you’ll find the latest news from colleges, the biggest resource you may have missed, and a glimpse at what I’m doing at SCOUT to help students find and fund their ideal college experiences. Thanks for joining me!


Looking for a way to help your student explore his/her interests and connect in a meaningful way to his/her passions? I have a couple of resources that might help. First, take a look at 6 Ways to Teach Teens How to Find Their True Passion, an article from Your Teen Magazine. For parents who genuinely want to help, these six ideas are easy to incorporate into family scenarios. Find the article HERE.

I find that sometimes you need a couple of sources of inspiration when trying to explore passions. TED has compiled a playlist of Talks to Help You Find Your Purpose. These eight talks will motivate and inspire people of all ages. Find the playlist HERE.


SENIORS: The application portals open in less than 60 days. Are you ready to list your high school activities while emphasizing your passions? Let me help! I will guide you through the process and keep you focused on the points that are pertinent to your situation. As always, my goal is to help you find and fund the ideal college experience! Use the button below to connect with me and let’s get started today!    

JUNIORS: You still have time to cultivate activities that demonstrate commitment to your passions. Let me help! Let’s explore what items fall under the ‘activity’ category and ensure that you are enhancing and highlighting the activities that make you unique. My help is just a click away!      

FRESHMEN & SOPHOMORES: Need help finding your passion? I can help with that. Not only can I help you identify and focus your passions, but I can also help you build academic, personal development, and extracurricular strategies that will help you qualify for the most competitive college programs and scholarships. My goal is to help you make the most of high school opportunities and then be poised to find and fund your ideal college experience. If you want to learn more, use the button below to set-up a no-cost / no-obligation call with me.

BOOK OF THE WEEK: Finding your passion isn’t something that happens overnight. It involves lots of exploration and tons of self-reflection. I haven’t found one book that will appeal to the masses. What works for one student rarely works for the next. Nevertheless, you have to start somewhere. And a good option for high school students is Ignite Your Spark: Discovering Who You Are from the Inside Out by Patricia Wooster. It approaches passion from a variety of angles, including quizzes, activities, advice, and profiles of kids and adults who have used their passion to accomplish extraordinary things. I hope it provides just the spark your student needs! 

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