NEWSLETTER – Edition 18


Mother’s Day is this week. Happily, I am the mother of Grayson, Cooper, and Delaney. Now 25, 23, and 19 years old, my kids have received tons of my advice over the years, especially as I was sending them off to college. Some of my most steadfast advice includes*:

Choose friends wisely. 

Autograph everything you do with excellence. 

Read 1 hour every day. 

Have tea parties … or coffee dates. 

Don’t let anyone steal your joy. 


No regrets. 

Make people feel special. 

Suck the most out of life. 

Finish strong. 

Through my motherhood role, I helped my own three children find and fund their ideal college experiences. Through my work with SCOUT, I hope to help other families successfully do the same. And that is just one of the reasons I am committed to sharing with you each week through my newsletter. Here you’ll find the latest news from colleges, the biggest resource you may have missed, and a glimpse at what I’m doing at SCOUT to help students find and fund their ideal college experiences. Thanks for joining me! 

(* The explanations that go along with these pieces of advice can be found on the Scout-ing Report HERE.)


This year’s admissions process is still a hot topic of conversation. The thousands of families with students rejected by the highly selective universities might truly appreciate the recent perspective of Jay Mathews in The Washington Post. Steve Becker is one of the sources, and his quote “The notion that attending a slightly less selective school means going to college somewhere that there won’t be lots of other students who match up well with you intellectually is simply not true,” certainly resonates with me.  Read the article HERE.  


Do you have a student interested in performing arts? Have you heard of Music Admissions Roundtable – the collaboration of music admissions colleagues from colleges and summer programs throughout the US? On May 8th from 11am until 2pm, The Music Admissions Roundtable will host a virtual Performing Arts College Fair. From panel discussions to presentations, you’ll learn the ins and outs of applying and auditioning at colleges across the country. Starting at Noon, you can connect with admissions representatives from each participating school. In total, 75+ colleges are waiting to answer your questions. Find all the information HERE


SOPHOMORES & JUNIORS: My sons – Grayson and Cooper – can tell you that they each explored dozens of colleges and finally narrowed the list down to ten for the actual admissions process. From the University of Washington to the University of Virginia, from Creighton to Baylor, I helped them consider every angle. And I can help you do the same! In fact, I would love to help your student find and fund the ideal college experience! My approach is individualized for your student and designed to keep all of you focused on the aspects that matter to your specific situation. Use the button below to connect with me and let’s get started today!   

8TH AND 9TH GRADERS: From following in her brothers’ footsteps, my daughter Delaney can tell you that the path to college starts early. The end of eighth and ninth grade is the perfect time to build academic, personal development, and extracurricular strategies that will help you achieve college and life goals. Plus, getting started now allows us to identify scholarships, internships, and summer programs. My goal is to help you plan for a variety of aspects so that your student is positioned to make the most of high school opportunities and then poised to find and fund his/her ideal college experience. If you want to learn more about the Road Map Session, use the button below to set-up a no-cost / no-obligation call with me.

BOOK OF THE WEEK: Letting Go: A Parent’s Guide to Understanding The College Years by Karen Levin Coburn and Madge Lawrence Treeger is one of my favorites for moms – and dads! In honor of Mother’s Day, it seems like the perfect recommendation. It’s whimsical and humorous. However, it also packed in fundamentals, complete with practical tips for understanding and communicating with your college student.

REMINDER: This Friday is the last day to register for the June 12th ACT. The ACT website can be found HERE.

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