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Scout-ing Report: Military Options

Disclaimer: A Scout-ing Report is the opportunity to take a more in-depth look at a particular college admissions subject. My goal is to provide solid information and a variety of resources.   


Is your student considering a military career? Or maybe just looking for a way to fund college while developing some skills outside the classroom. The military offers several options you should be considering. From military academies to senior military colleges to ROTC programs, the US military provides educational and leadership opportunities for thousands of students each year. 

Military Academies: United States military academies are federal colleges that offer an undergraduate education and military training for future officers.  Students attend classes, gain leadership experience, and go on summer military training.  After four years, they earn a bachelor’s degree and are commissioned as officers with a commitment to serve a number of years on active duty.  Students are each on a 100% scholarship that covers tuition, room & board, and a monthly stipend.  The five military academies (with links to their websites) are:

United States Military Academy at West Point

United States Naval Academy

United States Air Force Academy

United States Merchant Marine Academy

US Coast Guard Academy

For military academy appointments, you should start the process with your US Senator and/or US Congressman (no appointment is required for the US Coast Guard Academy) during the spring of your junior year of high school. For Oklahoma, each US Senator and US Congressman has a section of his/her website devoted to the nomination process:

Senator James Inhofe 

Senator James Lankford

Congressman Kevin Hern 

Congressman Markwaybe Mullin

Congressman Frank Lucas

Congressman Tom Cole

Congresswoman Stephanie Bice

ROTC Programs: Reserve Officers’ Training Corps is a program designed to train college students for future service in the branches of the US Military. College scholarships are provided in exchange for mandatory active duty services upon completion of a bachelor’s program. To learn more about each program, click the links below:

Air Force




Senior Military Colleges: A senior military college is on the spectrum between ROTC and a military academy. Students at senior military colleges wear military uniforms and live in a military environment day and night. However, many feel that the beauty with SMCs is that students are allowed to take a four-year ROTC program without signing a contract for commissioning. After graduation, you can choose to be commissioned or go back to civilian life. Click the links to find out more about each option:

Norwich University

Texas A&M University

The Citadel

Virginia Military Institute

Virginia Tech

University of North Georgia

Summer Academy Programs: Several military academies offer summer programs for students to experience the academy life, and in some cases, start the application process. Summer opportunities are designed for high school juniors. Space is limited and highly competitive. However, attending a summer academy is not a prerequisite for applying to a military academy. Summer programs include:

Air Force Academy Summer Seminar

Coast Guard Academy Introduction Mission

Navy Summer Seminar

West Point Summer Leader Experience

As with all college admissions processes, finding your place in the military can be overwhelming. If you would like help navigating the military options, please let me know. I can be reached at 405-906-7044 or I’m always available to help you find and fund your ideal college experience!

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