NEWSLETTER – Edition 3


Bye, middle school. Hello, high school!  Many of your eight graders were introduced to high school last week. It’s certainly an exciting time. New responsibilities. New freedoms. Classes to take. Clubs to join. So many things to consider! And as always, I would love to help in any way you’ll let me. In today’s weekly update you’ll find the latest news from colleges, the biggest stories you might have missed in the last week, and a glimpse at what I’m doing at SCOUT to help students find and fund their ideal college experiences. Thanks for joining me! 


Turning our sights to local news, the University of Oklahoma has announced a major change to Camp Crimson. Check it out HERE.

With OU and OSU heading back to campus and UCO shifting to virtual through the end of January, you may be wondering how other schools across the nation are handling COVID-19 and the return to school for Spring 2021. Inside Higher Ed has a live update that can be found HERE


The latest news is actually current news! The story leaked yesterday, but has been confirmed today. What am I referencing? SAT Subject Tests. These are being discontinued by College Board, effective immediately. The optional essay portion of the standard SAT is also being discontinued after the June testing date. Instead of Subject Tests, College Board is putting a renewed focus on the AP program.  An article by The Washington Post fills in the details. Check it out HERE


I’ve been planning for 8th and 9th graders this week. In the coming weeks, schools will nudge you to start planning for next year. The big push will be course selection. However, there is so much more to the high school career than simply what courses your student will take next year. With SCOUT, I’m here to help you plan for a variety of aspects so that your student is positioned to make the most of high school opportunities and then poised to find and fund his/her ideal college experience.

Students and their families are invited to engage in my Road Map Session. We will look at college and life goals and then build academic, personal development, and extracurricular strategies to help you pursue those goals. We will also identify scholarships, internships, and summer programs that you might consider pursuing in the next year. It’s the perfect time to get started. If you want to learn more about the Road Map Session, use the button below to set-up a call with me.

Book of the Week: On the heels of the Early Decision admissions mania, I’ve picked up Frank Bruni’s book, Where You Go Is Not Who You’ll Be. Just like last week’s book, this one is filled with fascinating insights. It does a superb job of showing how your student’s work in and out of the classroom determine who he/she is – not the college name on the diploma.  It provides yet another perspective that the best approach to the college search is to assess your student’s strengths and find schools that will provide the best fit for success.    

REMINDER: The scholarship cycle never ends. If you’ve already been accepted to your ideal college and now need help finding the funds to make that choice a reality, I can help. You could spend countless hours looking for scholarships on a variety of websites and come away feeling overwhelmed. Instead, I will help you identify and apply for scholarships geared specifically for your student’s experience, interests, and strengths. Use the link to connect with me and we’ll get to work! 

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